Who We Are

No one is ordinary – we coach leaders to be the greatest leader they can be

Big dreams, Big breakdowns, Big breakthroughs

We are a global executive coaching and advisory firm partnering with CEO’s, Senior Executives and Boards of Directors to build breakthrough competencies. In more complex projects like transforming a company or re-inventing an industry we work in alliance with our strategic partners.

Together with our clients, we’ve learned that in today’s leadership landscape, the notion of continuous improvement associated with incremental change, although useful at times, is a bankrupt strategic mindset. Instead, the world of exponential change calls for a breakthrough mindset and approach for leaders and their companies. Thus, our highspirited motto, Breakthroughs or Bust.

Over a 40 year course, we’ve addressed a vast array of business and leadership challenges. Along the way, we have developed a rigorous body of knowledge in the theory of transformation and have applied coaching practices for leaders to design their lives and organizations for unprecedented results.

We coach leaders to be masterful in transforming:

01. The Future

…inspiring purpose, vision and strategic direction

02. Relationships

…for personal, team and organizational breakthroughs

03. Breakdowns

…shifting problems into solutions and obstacles into new possibilities

The DiBianca Associates Core Team

Vince DiBianca

Founding Partner

Mark Thompson

Managing Director

Daria Karas

Operations Manager

Bob Gutermuth

Managing Director

Gloria Stone

Financial Director

Shae Hadden


We've brought together a team of highly creative and seasoned professionals who have worked together for decades.

A world class alliance. Making a world class difference.

  • Network of firms with long-standing working relationships
  • A structure for flexible and speedy response time
  • Colleagues with complimentary competencies and shared values
  • Experience in seamlessly working together as a single team
  • Seasoned team members with extensive experience and solid character

Strategic Partners

Tim Seeton

Paracomm International

Veronika Kopcik

Research Bridge

Don Arnoudse

The Arnoudse Group

Carolyn Hendrickson

Tandem Group Inc.

Jim Selman

Jim Selman & Co.

Haley Rushing

The Purpose Institute