Vince DiBianca

“Early at Reebok, we were introduced to breakthrough thinking by Vince and his team which made a huge difference in our ability to innovate, relate and create.”
Paul Fireman
Co-Founder, Reebok

Vince DiBianca is recognized as a pioneer and leader in the field of leadership transformation.  Serving as an executive advisor and leadership coach to CEO’s, C-suite executives and individual entrepreneurs, Vince works one-on-one with leaders to address unprecedented change. 

His work with CEO’s and board members at ReebokAllstateMen’s WearhouseNovartis Consumer ProductsSearsWhole FoodsHughes Aircraft, Bank of America, and the United Nations has helped produce “next-level leadership” competencies to create:

  • Unprecedented growth and profitability
  • Innovative new business platforms, markets, and products
  • Operationalize breakthrough time-to-market
  • Shifting culture
  • Smoothing merger assimilation
  • Reimagining purpose
  • Integrating stakeholder networks

As Vince says, “We work as partners with leaders to orchestrate their lives, teams, organizations, and ecosystems to deal with virtually any challenge they have and any possible future they want to manifest”.

After starting his business career as a project engineer at General Motors, Vince became a consulting partner at Touche Ross (now Deloitte). During his 14-year stint, Vince learned bold leadership from his mentor, Russ Palmer, CEO and Managing Partner and later Dean of the Wharton School. Vince left Touche Ross to join Bob Berkman in co-founding DiBianca-Berkman Group. With a small community of affiliates DiBianca-Berkman pioneered both leadership transformation and then executive coaching in the business community, in the early ‘80’s. DiBianca Berkman grew from a handful of consultants to more than 80 during 10 years of success, after which the firm was acquired by Computer Science Corporation where Vince served on the executive committee of CSC Consulting.

In 2016, Vince founded DiBianca Associates, to work with leaders on Transformation 3.0, developing new rules and new tools for stakeholder network leadership. Vince’s clients navigate and jump paradigms, access and orchestrate networks, and design and conduct consilient conversations to produce unprecedented outcomes (see “We Are at a Leadership Reset Point“). Clients recognize that leading in this upside-down and unpredictable world presents the most consequential opportunity one can get to make a game-changing difference both personally and on a large scale. They focus on how stakeholder leadership is driving us toward an environmentally sustainable, socially just, ethically conscious and economically thriving future for our enterprises, ourselves and the world (see Business Takes a Decisive Leap: Breakthrough in Collaborating for Good).

Over his career, Vince worked closely with many CEO’s as well as leading-edge leadership thinkers including, Buckminster Fuller, Warren Bennis, Werner Erhard, Russell Palmer, David Cooperrider and Jim Selman. In the ‘80s Vince, together with Selman worked with extraordinarily successful sports coaches including John Wooden (NCAA – UCLA Basketball), Red Auerbach (NBA Boston Celtics), George Allen (NFL Los Angeles Rams and the team then known as the Washington Redskins) and Timothy Gallwey (tennis, golf and skiing) to identify principles of sports coaching that would apply to business leadership. Some business academicians say this was the start of the coaching profession in the business community.

Vince is a current member of the Transformational Leadership Council and American Sustainable Business Council as well as former board member of the World Business Academy. Having achieved an undergraduate degree in Commerce and Engineering from Drexel University, Vince went on to receive his MBA degree from Bucknell University. He has guest-lectured at several colleges and universities including, Harvard Business School, University of Southern California and Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Vince and his wife Patricia live on a historic farm outside of Princeton, NJ with Bruno, their American Staffordshire Terrier and a menagerie of animals and frequently visiting children and grandchildren.