Shae is recognized as a trusted thought partner and executive coach who specializes in working with emergent ideas at the leading edge of business. She coaches people around a myriad of business, leadership and personal challenges.  

A compassionate ontological coach, she partners with CEOs, CEO whisperers, C-suite executives and entrepreneurs who are committed to generating the breakdowns that will lead to the breakthroughs needed in their organizations, industries or markets. In our highly uncertain real-time world, she applies her intellect and creativity to developing intellectual property that has the potential to evoke large- scale transformation for the sake of our children’s children. 

Shae uses a dynamic and collaborative dialogic process to propel leaders, their businesses and their clients toward success. Her way of listening creates a safe space in which people from diverse backgrounds and interests can explore ideas together.

She is also a versatile writer and eagle-eyed editor who helps leaders turn influential concepts into inspiring narratives. Her strategic and creative thinking cut through noise and complexity to gracefully and efficiently come up with messages that get to the simplicity required to move into action. When she is not busy coaching, advising, or writing, she can be found in the studio recording audiobooks and songs