Our Work

It all begins with reinventing yourself and your team

Our Work

It all begins with reinventing yourself and your team

We believe who people are is more important than what they know and do.

We coach and advise executives to enhance the competence and mindset necessary to create compelling and unprecedented results like, reinventing their industry or creating new ones.

  • Produce unprecedented results
  • Guide their organization towards a deeper organizational purpose
  • Create breakthroughs in corporate initiatives
  • Build extraordinary relationships
  • Reinvent themselves in their life’s purpose and legacy at work
  • Implement an effective rhythm to integrate work, family and personal priorities
  • Transform their company or industry

Leaders and their teams significantly propel their visions and plans through:

01. Individual

One-on-One Executive Coaching

  • Generating practical, profound, unprecedented results
  • Transforming relationships to — one’s self, others, circumstances, time and a greater purpose/power
  • Re-discovering personal purpose, priorities, legacy and what’s missing

02. Team

Executive Team Coaching

  • Building new team leadership competencies
  • Fostering powerful conversations and breakthrough thinking
  • Creating aligned vision, clear accountability, specific actions

03. Organization

Engaging Core Groups e.g. Top 500

  • Aligning the critical mass of leaders around a new future
  • Co-designing a deep purpose, vision and strategic initiatives
  • Interacting with people to create inspiration and aligned action

04. Project

Breakthrough Project Coaching

  • Advancing select game-changing initiatives
  • Learning how to transcend time and circumstances
  • Shifting breakdowns into breakthroughs 

40+ years of experience with organizations like…

Levers for unprecedented results…


97% of employees say that team alignment is the most important factor for project results.

Clear Company Survey of Employees & Executives


Nearly 50% of employees ranked importance of  work and feeling of accomplishment as the most important job satisfaction factor.

(Only 20% ranked compensation as most important)

Statistic Brain Research Institute


The single biggest human factor for innovation is inclusion.

Conference on Innovation


The #1 predictor of team success was the effectiveness of communication.

Alex Pentland – Harvard Business Review