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Photo & Video Credits

All images and videos of the DiBianca Associates Executive Center were provided by Vince DiBianca, Jessica Keener and Alex Marshall. The Videographers and Editors for the Executive Center video were Jessica Keener, Alex Marshall and Aaron Adeleke. Music by Tony Anderson, Youtube. The images and videos used throughout the site were provided by ThemeNectar, Jessica Keener, Alex Marshall and ShutterStock. Photographers, videographers and locations are listed below

  • Awakening New Zealand – TimeStrom Films, New Zealand
  • Leadership Landscape – Shutterstock, Alex Marshall, Jessica Keener, Stockton, NJ
  • Who We Are – ShutterStock & 100, Met Dank Ann, Germany
  • Our Work – ShutterStock, Tommy Oceanak, Stockton, NJ
  • Executive Center – Jessica Keener, Alex Marshall, Stockton, NJ
  • Contact Us – Jessica Keener, Alex Marshall, New Hope, PA

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All web design and production were created by Alex Marshall, Jessica Keener  and the Marshall Creatives team.

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Intellectual Property

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