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We are pioneers in the field of leadership transformation and have worked with game-changers around the globe since 1975.

Today’s transitioning world is unlike anything we’ve ever seen or imagined…

…and the transitioning isn’t going to stop.

Spurred on by the collision of seven dynamic forces — life changes are far-reaching and occurring at an ever-increasing pace. Dramatic transitions are taking place in our major organizing systems — environmental, economic, social, geo-political and organizational. This milieu is spawning the rise of next-level leaders who are re-imagining their companies, reinventing their networks and transforming their industries in ways that move us all toward a thriving, just, and sustainable future.


Who We Are

“We say, leading in this reality may be the most consequential opportunity a leader ever gets to make a positive difference on a large scale.”

We serve as strategic partners, executive coaches and catalysts for unprecedented results alongside CEOs, Senior Executives and Leaders around the globe. Fifty years ago, we were part of a small community who pioneered leadership transformation and executive coaching into the business community. Now we have expanded that experience into what’s required by “next level” leaders.


Our Work

Next-Level” Leaders are creating real value for all stakeholders.

Most consultants and coaches are problem solvers and subject matter experts. We take it a step further.  Our clients navigate and jump paradigms, access and orchestrate their networks, design and conduct consilient conversations to produce unprecedented outcomes. Rooted in the ontological theory of transformation we help leaders orchestrate their lives, teams, organizations. and ecosystems to deal with virtually any challenge they have and possible future they want to manifest.


Executive Center

In a world of complexity and change the DiBianca Associates Executive Center offers a place and space for reinvention, rediscovery and re-invigoration. More than an “executive retreat” the site serves as an “executive advance” where genuine and innovative conversations occur for individual executives and their teams to advance their visions and accelerate their plans.




“Vince is an extraordinary coach who helped me face many unprecedented business, leadership and personal challenges. He was also effective, respected and well-liked by my executive team. I found him to be a seasoned advisor and avant-garde thinker regarding “next level leadership.”

—Doug Ewert—
CEO, Tailored Brands
(Men’s Wearhouse, Jos A. Bank, Joseph Abboud)

Doug Ewert

“We were introduced to breakthrough thinking by Vince and his team which made a huge difference in Reebok’s ability to innovate, relate and create.”

—Paul Fireman—
Co-Founder, Reebok

Paul Fireman

“Vince helped us lead from a new perspective: instead of simply advancing the satellite communications industry with our work, we were building satellites to create a breakthrough in connecting humankind so that events like Tiananmen Square would never go unseen again…. that made all the difference in terms of linking our vision to what was important to our people and to humanity.”

—Tony Iorillo—
Retired Vice Chairman
Hughes Space and Communications Group

Tony Iorillo

“Vince is the best professional advisor and coach I have ever worked with. His ability to listen deeply and synthesize information to help me get to alignment, insight and clarity is second to none. He is a deep, extraordinary thinker who has helped me gain real conscious leadership when working through issues and opportunities. He is my “go to” coach when the BIG things happen. He is always there and always ready to partner with me to get to the best result. It is not only I who benefits from my partnership with Vince — my team, my Company, my family and community also benefit. He helps me be my best…when I need it most.”
—Roberta Lang—
Global Vice President
Whole Foods Market

Roberta Lang

“Observing a significant shift in the educational publishing industry from print to digital and dealing with a recent realignment of our business, we engaged Vince and his team to assist us in envisioning and realizing our new future in digital education. They coached us through a process that allowed us to look at our company and the world differently and which delivered unprecedented quantifiable results… they delivered a customized approach that develops our leadership team, nurtures innovative ideas and promotes partnership. Their flexibility, cooperativeness and adaptability to our needs goes beyond a standard coaching engagement: they have helped us create relationships with individuals and companies outside of our normal network that support our key transformational initiatives and have provided valuable coaching to us as individuals and as a team to significantly improve the way we educate and learn.”
—Mark Mooney—
Senior VP and CIO, Global Technology Systems
McGraw Hill Education

Mark Mooney

“Vince and his associates engaged and challenged our leadership team to create a compelling vision for our company that would take us beyond the status quo. Their ability to really push us to think with more clarity and more boldness about the difference we could make in the world has added real value. We are now not only taking action to realize the breakthrough results we envisioned, but we have also begun engaging our senior leadership from around the world in committed conversations about the impact we want to have on people and the environment.”
—Mike Moshier—
Former Senior VP, Human Resources and Executive Coach, Novartis

Mike Moshier

“A year after I took over the leadership of St. Joseph’s, we received the lowest rating in the province in terms of patient satisfaction. Having previously led an award-winning hospital, I was extremely frustrated that none of our strategies to transform the organization had worked. Vince effectively shifted my perspective by pointing out that an organizational culture can transform when the leader does. I started coming from the place that this was my hospital, my standard of care, my reality. Even in an environment hostile to consultants, they helped us achieve breakthrough results within six months—a full 4 years ahead of what provincial authorities had claimed was possible. Within two years, we were at the top of our peer hospitals within the Greater Toronto area and staff were talking about how they had ‘done it themselves’, a true sign of success. We all learned how to build a sustainable culture, one that continues to this day—even though I left the organization 5 years ago.”
—Marilyn Emery—
President and CEO, Women’s College Hospital and
Former President and CEO, St. Joseph’s Health Centre (Toronto)

Marilyn Emery

“I think Vince is an amazing coach: he helped me take a deep hard look at myself and how I acted as both a leader and a person and truly changed my life. While our business had been very successful over the years, our management team had stalled (me, too). Vince helped me reconnect and communicate with my team on an entirely different level. More importantly, he permanently changed the way I communicate and work with my partner. This enabled me and our company to weather a very challenging time in our business and come out on top. I definitely could not have done it without his coaching and I could not recommend him more highly to anyone looking to re-energize their business or their life.”
—Richard Reitknecht—
President, Asia Pacific Land Co.

Richard Reitknecht

“This coaching experience was clearly a journey—one that I welcomed as I stepped back and looked at changes I wanted to make. I’m very grateful that I had Don on this journey. He has great insight and experience, a warm and supportive manner and is not judgmental. We all have room to grow—and Don has been an important part of my growth the past year.”
—Sue Schade—
Chief Information Officer, Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston)

Sue Schade

“From the start, Don was extremely helpful in reframing my approach to leading and managing the organization. He helped me look squarely at areas where communication and trust had broken down and regard those dynamics as growth opportunities for myself, for other employees and for the organization. Don was a key catalyst to fundamental changes in my performance as a leader which have led to some important and very positive developments in my organization.”

—Phil Warburg—
President, Conservation Law Foundation (Boston, MA)

Phil Warburg

“Don would always push me to find the next level and he did it in a positive way. He consistently urged me to get out of my comfort area and find ways to be bold. This was not some academic exercise—it was a real life process targeting real life goals. Don Arnoudse has had an enormous impact on me and in my ability to go after and live out my dreams.”

—John Heller—
Former CEO, Heller Seasonings

John Heller

“Jim Selman is more than a coach for me and my team—he has been my partner running the business in a turnaround challenge.”
—Gustavo Valle—

Gustavo Valle

“Personally, Jim’s coaching has had a profound impact on who I am and what I am doing with my life. I had always dreamed of being a person who enabled others to make the difference they wanted to make. Not only did I experience Jim coaching me in this way, but I found myself able to do this with others as a result of his coaching. As I look back on all that we have accomplished in our department over the last few years, it clearly started when Jim came to work with us. There is a clear line of demarcation: before July 2007 we were one way and after July 2007 we were another. We had an entirely different future we were living into. Jim continues to coach us in ways that allow us to make the kind of difference we want to make.”

—Captain Kari Granger—
Assistant Professor, Center for Character and Leadership Development, U.S. Air Force Academy

Captain Kari Granger

“Great leaders are leaders of great purpose, in the world of public service and the business world. If you’re looking for a way to inspire people, mobilize the talent and energy of your organization and make a real difference, The Purpose Institute will help you do it. I know because Roy and the principles he preaches have help guide our work at the Clinton Global Initiative and The Clinton Foundation. Having a clear and compelling Purpose has enabled us to unite leaders and citizens from all over the world in order to convert pioneering ideas into solutions with tangible results.”
—Bill Clinton—
Former President

Bill Clinton

“The Purpose Institute helped GE Aviation restate our identity through an intense and exciting transformational effort involving the whole organizational community. They crafted an energizing and thoughtful process where we used the broader employee voice in discovering our Purpose in a distinctive way that ended being a source of pride and action. The effect has been remarkable. The Purpose statement, “We invent the future of flight, lift people up and bring them home safely”, has enabled us to align the strategy of our business and employee engagement in a truly compelling way that mobilizes us to do better everyday.”
—Raghu Krishnamoorthy—
GE, Chief Learning Officer

Raghu Krishnamoorthy

“We knew in our hearts that Interstate has been Purpose-driven for 63 years. The Purpose Institute helped us facilitate a multi-stakeholder process that resulted in our Purpose and Values-who we are at Interstate Batteries. We continue to see this deeply resonate with Team Members and partners. This process inspired further focus on shaping our future and has resulted in improved planning, execution and stakeholder engagement.”
—Scott Miller—
Interstate Batteries

Scott Miller

“As the founder of Whole Food Market, I want to leave future generations of leaders and Team Members with a North Star by which to navigate. As we continue to evolve and grow, we want to ensure all of our Team Members are aligned with a Purpose they believe in and are inspired to fulfill in their own particular way for decades to come. While we’ve all know our Purpose implicitly, without the help of Haley & Roy and their team at The Purpose Institute, it’s hard to imagine that we would have arrived at such a concise and authentic articulation of our highest and most noble Purpose. They masterfully captured the passion and commitment of all of our Team Members in a purpose statement that ensures we’ll continue to serve all of our stakeholders and make a positive difference in the world for years to come.”
—John Mackey—
Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Whole Foods Market

John Heller

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